The Brand

poison noir t-shirt

BLACKPRINT – Infernal Clothing is a French clothing brand from Savoie featuring obscure original creations …

Born from a passion for all that is occult, we offer t-shirts on the theme of the Devil, Hell, the Strange and other monstrosities …
The brand draws its inspiration from transgressive counter-cultures.

Family brand of Mika and Jess. (brother & sister)

We keep this brand alive in our spare time outside of our respective jobs. Jess is an illustrator and lingerie designer and Mika is a printer. We combine all the skills needed to create and print BLACKPRINT visuals.

We print the textiles in screen printing in a small, very dark room in Chambéry …

We control all production for optimal quality. The screen printing allows to have a very good durability over time of the visuals offered.

We use water-based inks which are less polluting than solvent-based inks.
Our typefaces are printed in France in Indre-et-Loire and very soon in Savoie !

Tentations t-shirt chambery

Our textiles are made from organic cotton.

We buy them from a French importer and our textiles are OCS certified.
OCS (Organic Content Standard) certificates are issued by Ecocert Greenlife.

Our labels are printed in Savoie on 100% recycled untreated paper.

We do our best to stay local and protect the environment !